About SewMona

When my kids were babies, I loved the one piece outfits that had footie pants.  Even if they were intended more for pajamas, I had some that I used as everyday outfits. It was so much easier than trying to keep socks and shoes on them.  I even had one pair of pants that I got as a hand-me-down that had feet in it.  I loved them!  No socks & shoes to keep track of.  As they got older, the footie outfits weren't convenient even as pajamas.  Having a kid who's potty training in one piece jammies just doesn't work.  It takes too much time to get them unfastened and down. I made my first pair of two piece footie jammies for my then 4 year old daughter.  She loved them!  When she wore them out, she requested another pair.  At that point, I realized that there just might be a market for them.

I make them from bamboo stretch fleece that is dyed with eco-friendly dyes.  With feet or without feet, long sleeve shirts or short sleeve shirts or sleeves sewn shut for kids with eczema. I do not treat any of my materials - jammies sizes 9M and up are designed to be tight fitting.   I also make spring/summer jammies from bamboo spandex jersey which is lighter weight, but still dyed using eco-friendly dyes.

I am more than happy to work with you to make sure the jammies are exactly what you want.  Send me a message and let's get your order started.